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Tandem Bakery and Deli

We are working hard to make our dream of an all vegan and all gluten-free bakery and deli in Missoula a reality. 

Growing up in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, small, family-run delis were an important part of the food landscape of our childhoods.  These were magical places full of delicious treats, but they were definitely not gluten-free and far from vegan.  We plan to make the classic deli accessible to everyone by reinterpreting staples with plant-based and gluten-free ingredients and developing some new favorites of our own.  With a focus on local, seasonal, and high-quality ingredients, we hope to bring something truly fresh to the Missoula food scene. 

Check this space for updates on our timeline, menu, and location.  And sign up for our email newsletter to find out more about this project and how you can support us.