Sage,  and Traditional White.

Soft, chewy and just a little crunchy- this

Nooks and crannies? Check! At the market we 

serve our breakfast sandwiches on these soft

and chewy English Muffins, but they're also

perfect toasted with jam.

plain doughnut with creamy

vanilla frosting and sprinkles

plain doughnut with

maple sugar glaze

cinnamon and sugar

plain doughnut rolled in

vanilla sugar glaze

& lemon infused sugar sprinkles

chocolate doughnut with 

plain doughnut with lemon glaze 

available any time at our distributing businesses

with a crispy crust and hint of sourdough tang,

this bread is everything you've been missing.

plain doughnut with coffee glaze

Special flavors available Saturdays at the Clark Fork River Market have included: Lavender Lemon- Huckleberry Glazed - Carrot Cake with Toasted Walnuts - Coconut Lime - Maple Bacon (w/ crispy homemade tofu bacon) Cookies and Cream - Chocolate Mint - Strawberry Basil - Japanese Green Tea Chai Spice - Mexican Cocoa - Chocolate Orange  and many more!

rich, nutty bread is perfect toasted with jam

are just what your vegan and gluten free dinner

might blow your mind!  Moist and chewy inside 

and dark chocolate ganache drizzle

Tandem Doughnuts

guests are craving! We have three amazing flavors

Our amazing gluten-free sandwich bread just 

Our moist, buttery and oh-so-delicious rolls 

or warm with your favorite non-dairy spread!

to delight and astound: Potato Rosemary, Pumpkin